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Here you get to the website of the IB Group (IB) Information The Internationale Bund (IB) The Internationaler Bund (IB) is, with its non-profit organisation, its limited companies and shares in other companies, one of the largest service providers in the fields of youth and social work, education and vocational training in Germany. The IB-Group is politically non-aligned and non-denominational. More than 12.000 people work for the IB in 700 facilities and branches in 300 locations. All over Germany, the IB-Group is helping 350.000 children, young people, adults and senior citizens every year with their career and personal planning regardless of their religious allegiance or their geographic origins.

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Saturday, 31. October 2020

The general terms and conditions of the
haus international

The following general terms and conditions (GTC) apply for the conclusion of a service agreement/ hostel accommodation agreement which comes into being with the hostel haus international by the booking of guest rooms, beds, bed contingents or rooms and deliveries and services (catering) in connection with this.
By the booking, the customer accepts the version of the GTC of the hi currently in force.
Individual agreements in derogation from these GTC have to be confirmed to the customer of the hi in writing.
The customer’s business conditions only apply if this has been explicitly agreed upon before in written form.
Contracting parties are the hi and the customer. In case that a third party has ordered on behalf of the customer, it is liable towards the hi as joint debtor for all obligations from the hostel accommodation agreement.
A contract will come into being through a written, oral (telephone etc.), electronic (fax, e-mail etc.) or personal request by the customer ("reservation") with booking confirmation by the hi, even without signature of the customer.
The hi alone decides about the acceptance of the request for the conclusion of an agreement. This will only become legally binding for the hi with the written confirmation by the hi and return to the customer. Subsequent modifications or amendments by the customer are inoperative.

The hi is obliged to provide and render the services agreed upon (guest rooms, beds, other rooms, food etc.). Other services (half/ full board, seminar rooms, tourism programmes, basement garage, technical equipment etc.) can be booked by special written agreement.
There is no claim to the provision of particular rooms, room categories, facilities or food. In case that services are not available, the hi is obliged to make efforts to find an equivalent substitute in the house or other, similar objects.
The customer is obliged to pay the prices of the hi currently in force, resp. agreed upon, for the allocation of rooms and further services made use of by him. Booked rooms are available from 2 pm on the day of arrival. There is no claim to an earlier provision. Rooms have to be vacated on the day of departure until 10 am on weekdays and 11 am on weekends/ holidays, at the latest. After that the hi has the right to charge 50% of the current list price until 2 pm, and 100% from 2 pm on due to the belated vacation of the room for its contract-exceeding usage. The guest is free to prove that no damage or only considerably less damage has occurred to the hi.
The charging of the services of the hi will take place according to the prices valid at the start of the services. The prices are published in the current price list of the hi or on the Internet under www.haus-international.de/en/rates/ or can be seen on the booking confirmation or the booking contract.
The customer is obliged to settle the invoice amounts of the services stipulated with him in written form. This applies also for those invoice amounts based on separate, written agreements as well as services induced by the customer and expenses of the hi to third parties. Furthermore, prices can be changed by the hi, if the customer desires modifications to the number of booked rooms or beds, the services of the hi or the duration of stay, and the hi agrees to this.
The respective, total invoice amount is payable on the day of arrival at the latest. The total amount has to be settled without deduction in cash or with a valid credit card accepted by the hi.
Payments on account are only possible with explicit consent by the hi and after submission of a convincing cost absorption. Invoices by the hi without due date are payable without deduction within 10 days after receipt. Banking fees which might occur are always charged to the customer. The hi has the right to accelerate accumulated claims any time and demand immediate payment.
Moreover, the hi has the right to demand an appropriate deposit of the arising invoice amount as security, at conclusion of the contract or afterwards. The amount of the deposits and payment dates may be stipulated in writing in the contract. Should deposits not have been paid until the stipulated time, the hi has the right to withdraw from the contract. The prices agreed upon are valid including the legal value added tax currently in force, as far as it arises. The calculation of the services must automatically be adjusted to the current price list in case of subsequent service amendments resp. additional service wishes, as well as in case of a contractual period longer than three months.
Vouchers from tour operators will only be accepted if a corresponding deposit has been made by the issuing company. A pay-out in cash of such vouchers is not possible.
Group bookings are only available at a commission-free, not further discountable flat price.

The hi keeps the reserved guest rooms or facilities free for its guests. Delays (e.g. due to traffic jam, breakdown, flight etc.) must immediately be communicated by the customer. Only if the customer is not responsible for the delay, and in case of a notification in time, the hi may agree to a "no-show" without charging costs.
The hi reserves the right to rebook the customer on a short-term basis before arrival to another hotel/ hostel or a comparable accommodation within the city of Munich under consideration of the booked room category and inform the customer about this. In this case, the customer receives the right to step back from the contract without costs.
The guest commits himself to use the rooms, beds, furniture, equipment and other facilities put at his disposal carefully and not to cause damage or gross pollution. The group customer (e.g. teacher etc.) is liable towards the hi for damage or loss of furnishings or equipment. A violence of this obligation as well as destructions allow the hi to charge a corresponding reimbursement of expenses. For groups, a deposit of € 100,-- must be provided at arrival.
Subletting the allocated guest rooms and facilities as well as a usage for other purposes than accommodation and abode must be agreed upon in writing with the hi.
It is prohibited to the customer to introduce dangerous or illegal items or products (drugs, explosives, weapons etc.) as well as alcohol to the rooms. Official approval required for events must be procured by the customer in time on his own account. The observance of requirements regulated by public law and other directions rests on him. Fees payable to third parties, in particular GEMA royalties, entertainment tax, TV or radio fees (GEZ), etc. must be paid by him directly to the respective creditor.
Customer, guests, group customer on behalf of his fellow travellers and wards finally commit themselves to observe the additionally posted house rules of the hi which are a significant contractual part of these GTC.
The hi allows the customer a right of withdrawal. Here, the following regulations apply:
The customer has the right to withdraw from his contract concluded with the hi before performance of the contract. This has to be done in written form in any case and must be confirmed by the hi in written form.
If the advice of cancellation does not take place in written form, the stipulated invoice amount is payable in full. In case of the confirmed cancellation of the contract the hi has the right to charge the following graduated cancellation fees for group stays with board (if not stipulated in particular in the contract):

From the conclusion of the contract:
- up to four weeks before arrival:
30 % of the total invoice amount
- up to two weeks before arrival:
50 % of the total invoice amount
- up to two days before arrival:
80 % of the total invoice amount
- in case of no-show:
100 % of the total invoice amount

The customer is free to prove that no damage has occurred to the hi or that the damage occurred is lower than the compensation flat rate.

Cancellation fees for single travellers:
The hi allows the customer a free right of withdrawal until 2 pm (local time Munich/ Germany) on the day before arrival. In case of a later withdrawal, the hi is entitled to an appropriate compensation.
The hi has the option to claim indemnification in form of a compensation flat rate instead of a precisely calculated compensation. The compensation flat rate amounts to 80 % of the stipulated total invoice amount.
The customer is free to prove that no damage has occurred to the hi or that the damage occurred is lower than the compensation flat rate.

For all hi reservations the following applies:
Please note and ask for special cancellation deadlines for fairs and events in Munich as well as the yearly Oktoberfest!

These cancellation regulations do not apply in case of an impossibility of performance for which the hi is responsible.
In case of abandonment of the guest room/ the facilities during the contractual period, the contractual invoice amount is payable in full, this also applies if the customer has not or only partly made use of contractual services.
The hi reserves the right of withdrawal explicitly for the case that significant modifications of the contract conditions should occur between the conclusion of the contract and taking over of services.br/> As far as customers have been allowed a special right of withdrawal (contingent booking etc.) the hi itself has also the right to withdraw within the period granted to the contractual partner (e.g. if concrete requests by other customers are present). Furthermore, the hi has the right to withdraw extraordinarily and with immediate effect from all contractual obligations for the following reasons:
  • in case of force majeure or other circumstances for which the hi is not responsible and which prevent the fulfilment of the contract
  • if a release of the guest rooms or facilities is impossible due to regulatory action
  • if a stipulated deposit amount is not or has not been paid within the determined deadline
  • if receivables from earlier bookings have not been settled after notice
  • if the hi is misled about customers, e.g. by misleading or false personal data and / or if reasons for denial exist which lie in the person of the customer
  • in case of reservations by customers which represent inhuman, cult-like or radical political tendencies
  • in case of unauthorised subletting
  • if the justified assumption exists that smooth business, security or reputation of the hi as well as the Internationale Bund e.V. with its employees are endangered without this being attributable to the domain of the hi.
The hi commits itself to inform the customer immediately before the exercise of the right of withdrawal in written form. A compensation claim towards the hi, which might occur for the customer from this, is impossible.
The hi and external companies commissioned by the hi have the right to terminate service agreements with immediate effect, i.e. extraordinarily, and banish the customers in the exercise of its domiciliary rights, if these cause damage to the security or reputation of the house, are suspect of committing criminal acts or harass, disturb repeatedly or endanger other guests.
The additionally posted house rules of the hi, which are significant contractual part of these GTC, must therefore be observed.
Should disturbances or shortcomings in the services of the hi occur, the hi will seek to provide a remedy after immediate complaint by the customer. If the customer culpably omits to announce a shortcoming to the hi, no claim to a reduction of the contractually agreed payment arises.
The hi does not assume any liability for valuables brought in (e.g. cash money, jewellery, wardrobe, technical devices etc.), respectively is not liable for their loss.
Furthermore, the hi is not liable for contractual or legal claims towards third parties in connection with external services which have only been facilitated by the hi.
The exercise of leisure activities as well as usage of all furnishings and items at the hi and on the premises of the hi is at the own risk of the guests. Parents are liable for their children.
Complaints have to be announced to the management immediately. Any liability claims cease unless they are announced to the hi immediately after discovery.
If the customer uses a parking space on the hi premises or in the basement garage for his motor vehicle with or without payment, no custody agreement will emerge from this. The hi is not liable for damages or theft of vehicles parked on the premises or in the basement garage or their content.
Post and shipments as well as messages for house guest are treated with care. They will be personally handed to the recipient or forwarded (not prepaid), as desired. Their loss, damage or delay does not cause damage claims towards the hi.
The customer is obliged to contribute to an appropriate degree in order to eliminate a disturbance of the contractual relationship and minimize a possible damage.
Any advertising efforts, pictures, publications as well as journal articles with reference to the hi or the Internationale Bund, principally require their previous written consent.
The customer commits himself to inform the hi by his own account and immediately if public interest might be aroused by his stay. If this obligation is violated by the customer or if significant interests of the hi are affected to its disadvantage, the hi has the right to cancel events - even on a short-term basis - and demand reimbursement of expenses.
Items left behind will only be sent back on request and not prepaid. The hi commits itself to keep the items over a period of one month. After this period, lost and found items will be disposed of.
Place of delivery and payment is the place of business of the hi in Munich. German law shall apply. There are no verbal side agreements. Modifications and amendments of the agreement require written form. This also applies for this written form clause.
Should individual provisions of the contract and / or general terms and conditions be or become invalid, the validity of the other provisions shall remain unaffected by this.
In place of the invalid provision, a legally permissible regulation which comes as close as possible shall apply which comes closest to the intended economic or legal aspect.
Personal data are electronically stored for purposes of application, registration and invoicing. We explicitly declare not to forward these data to third parties. As the protection of the privacy as well as the protection of informational self-determination of our customers is of great importance to us, we will treat personal data confidentially and on the basis of the Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG).
The Internationale Bund e.V. together with the hi dissociate themselves in every way from discrimination, radicalism, violence and hostility to foreigners.
In addition to these general terms and conditions, the hi has separate general terms and conditions for events resp. for the booking of function rooms within the hi.
These GTC are published in the hi or on the Internet under www.haus-international.de/en/events/ or can be seen on the booking confirmation or the booking contract or be especially requested.

Download the General terms and conditions for seminars, conferences, banquet events and external use of the discotheque as PDF File here.

The additionally posted house rules of the hi, which are a significant contractual part of these GTC as well as the GTC for events, must be observed by all customers and guests.

Download the house rules of the haus international as PDF File here.

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